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Walls In The Landscape

Enhancing architecture and building character When envisioning and developing a property’s master plan, we tend to think of landscape walls only when we want to provide security, retain earth, or enclose a space. However, necessity aside, walls themselves are a design element in the landscape—a veritable extension of your home’s architecture and an expression of [...]

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Garden Plants Spotlight: Mexican Bush Sage

Dramatic in scale and distinct in form, the broad leaves of palms and thick spiny spikes of succulents that typify the Santa Barbara landscape are the ever-present staples that lend the region an identity and its prototypical design language. At the human scale, homeowners look to smaller materials such as sub shrubs and perennials to [...]

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Homeowners Looking To Improve Their Landscape

Plant Spotlight:  Bougainvillea “More color” is the resounding cry of homeowners looking to improve their landscape. But how to add color when the region is suffering a drought and under watering restrictions?" Oftentimes the choices seem limited.  While succulents and other drought-tolerant material can add texture and interest to the landscape, their presence in the [...]

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Landscape Improvements During Times of Drought

Why water restrictions don’t have to be so restrictive to your vision. Spring and summer in Santa Barbara can be a beautiful time for the home landscape, so restrictions on watering may be heartbreaking and frustrating to the proud homeowner.  However, with smart planning and a landscaping company that understands your vision, you likely can [...]

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Dry River Bed Landscape Design – Project Spotlight

In the uninspired back yard of mid century modern ranch home, weeds had taken over almost completely, a sad testament to what little can grow during times of drought. The homeowner, however, had an exceptional vision, and a determination to not fight the conditions but rather to embrace them. Landscape Contractor and Homeowner Engagement By [...]

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The Commercial Landscaping Company in Santa Barbara

Finding commercial landscaping company in Santa Barbara can be a bit of hard thing to deal with. Sometimes,searching the internet, as well as the yellow pages,can be a real hassle. Finding a landscape professional in Santa Barbara,Ca, that has expert levels of knowledge, as well as years of experience who understands and even realizes that [...]

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About Our Company

Inspired by a family steeped in the landscape maintenance and design business… Inspired by a family steeped in theGarden and landscape maintenance and design business, Jorge Cortez created SB Evolution Landscape to continue that tradition. Proudly serving the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Goleta, and Carpenteria communities, the company is devoted to its [...]

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