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Plant Fertilization

About Plant Fertilization

Fertilizing is an important step in maintaining the health of our plants and for keeping invasive plants at bay. In order to grow and thrive, plants need essential nutrients typically found in the soil. But sometimes our soils are depleted—whether due to neighboring plants, poor soil quality, or other factors—and are therefore unable to provide plants the nourishment they need. Fertilizers can fill this void. Comprised of varying proportions of the macro nutrients nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as other secondary and micro nutrients, they can properly feed your plants to ensure their vitality and survival.

Key Benefits

A fertilization program led by a landscape professional takes the guesswork out of determining how and when to treat your plants. The knowledge and experience that they bring to the table will help avoid common problems such as burned foliage or ineffective applications. With so many types to choose from, fertilizing is often best left to a professional who can determine not only the right nutrients for your plants, but other critical factors such as application rates, the ideal season and weather in which to fertilize, and in what form to apply them.

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Why Choose Us?

The landscapers of SB Evolution fit the bill when it comes to determining the best course of care for your plants. Whether it’s a one-time application to improve plants that are ailing or part of your routine maintenance, we can be your ally in keeping your plants looking their healthiest.

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