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Irrigation Systems and Repair

About Irrigation Systems and Repair

By definition, an irrigation system is an installed method of supplying controlled amounts of water to aid the growth of vegetation. For the property owner, we typically regard irrigation systems as permanent, designed for specifically for the layout of the lawn and landscape plants. However, as with any system involving water and moving parts, particularly outdoors, the incidence for damage and wear and tear can be high. Sprinkler heads may break, valves fail, and pipes can leak. A knowledgeable irrigation professional can troubleshoot and repair these issues to keep a system working properly.

Key Benefits

Your entire landscape is an investment. So of course it is important to likewise invest in the maintenance and upkeep that keeps it looking healthy and vibrant. Watering is a key part of that upkeep and having a permanent irrigation system can go a long way in ensuring that your lawn and plants receive the proper amount of moisture. A qualified landscape professional knowledgeable in irrigation can help properly install, set up, and maintain your system, making adjustments for wind patterns, plant types, and drought conditions.

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Why Choose Us?

From dry spots in the lawn to puddles in the garden, our crews are adept at spotting all varieties of irrigation problems. With their expert eyes, SB Evolution employees can easily identify problems such as clogged valves or immobile sprinkler heads. At the controller as well, we can set the schedule to provide the most efficient and effective waterings based on time of day, zones, and weather conditions. Your irrigation system isn’t complete without the expert care of an irrigation professional.

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