Pressure Washing Service in Santa Barbara

Easily beautify a home with exterior cleaning

Pressure Washing Service in Santa Barbara

Nothing spoils the looks of a house like the buildup of dirt, grime, and, even worse, mold.  Fortunately, there is a fairly simple way to refresh a home’s exterior.  Finding these services is easy, too.  The same crews who care for lawns and landscape also provide pressure washing services in Santa Barbara.

What is pressure washing?

Often referred to as “power washing,” a similar form of cleaning that uses heated water, pressure washing is a form of exterior cleaning that uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt and debris from outdoor surfaces.  While some homeowners might own their own pressure washer—and can do an adequate job with it—it is the industrial strength of a professional’s equipment that can truly make the difference in cleaning brick, siding, and pavement.  Some homeowners, too, will shy away from using a pressure washer, leaving this work in the hands of a cleaning company.  Like any power tool, there are obvious risks associated with using the equipment—risks of both damage and injury—and thus often a professional is the safest choice for the job.

So, when is power washing appropriate?

Because power washing uses heat, this method is more effective in softening and breaking up tough-to-remove debris.  However, care must be exercised as some materials should not be washed with hot water.  Hard surfaces such as concrete and masonry are ideal candidates for power washing, but a professional cleaning company ought to determine what form of washing should be used.

What are the benefits of cleaning with these methods?

There are several reasons a homeowner might seek an exterior cleaning service.

  • Aesthetics: Of course, power or pressure washing can help restore the look of a home, particularly after years of neglect, contact with vegetation, high winds and rain, or mold growth.  Pressure washing the siding of a home can help restore its color, eliminate unsightly staining, and improve the home’s curb appeal.
  • Remove tagging: It’s an unfortunate reality that graffiti artists like to leave their mark on vertical surfaces.  Power and pressure washing can help eliminate the damage from this form of vandalism and even help prep a surface for applying an anti-graffiti sealant.
  • Environmentally friendly: Because pressure and power washing use force mixed with just the right amount of detergent without potentially harmful chemicals, the methods pair the best combinations for cleaning surfaces in a sustainable and sensitive manner.  Blasting away weeds and mold, too, prevent the need to treat these with strong herbicides and antimicrobial solutions.
  • Mold: Moist areas can become a breeding ground for mold, and mold is a common culprit for those who suffer from allergies.  Eliminating mold from around the outdoor living areas and the surface of a house might help relieve the symptoms of mold related allergies.
  • Prepare a surface: Perhaps it’s time for a new color on the house, or to sealcoat the driveway. In order to establish an unblemished surface that can take new paint or asphalt (and last for years), a pressure wash cleaning may be the best solution for readying the surface.

Which surfaces can withstand these types of washing?

A professional exterior washing service can determine which type of washing and which surfaces are suited for these methods.  A homeowner can do a cursory evaluation, too, of the types of surfaces that need to be cleaned before calling to seek pressure washer service prices that fit within their budget:

  • Masonry: Brick and concrete masonry unit (CMU), face masonry, and cultured stone can be cleaned with pressure washing. However, some cleaning companies recommend only using water, without detergents, to clean particular surfaces, especially manufactured stone and face brick in order to preserve the color of the material.  The right pressure should be selected as well to avoid loosening the stone and brick from the masonry behind them.  A manufacturer’s representative may be able to provide instructions on how best to clean these products.
  • Siding: House siding is probably the most common application for pressure washing because of its visibility and impact on curb appeal.  Lighter colors in particular are more likely to show dirt and grime over the years and therefore benefit from exterior pressure cleaning.  Vinyl, aluminum siding, stucco, and EFIS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) can be cleaned with power and pressure washing.  A professional pressure washer cleaning company in Santa Barbara can determine the right pressure and concentration of detergent for each type of surface.
  • Concrete walks and paver patios: Most hardscape surfaces can benefit greatly from routine power washing.  Eliminating dirt from cracks and joints can help fight weed growth and an all-over surface clean leaves the pavement looking fresh and restored.  Paver patios, however, may have jointing sand that can be displaced by the force of the water.  Be sure to factor the cost of brooming new sand into the joints within the budget for power washing.
  • Composite decking: No two decking products are exactly alike, so again it is recommended that the homeowner or cleaning company check with the manufacturer for advice on pressure washing a deck built of composite material.  Because decking is horizontal, airborne dirt is more likely to settle and thus frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain the look and vitality of the deck’s surface and its steps.  The porosity and strength of the material will determine the pressure and type of detergent that are appropriate for cleaning.
  • Pressure treated decking: Wood decking that has been pressure treated is built to withstand the elements, particularly lagging humidity and heavy rains.  However, its porosity—just like composite decking—can trap dirt and particles and detract from its aesthetic over time.  Sealing the deck might be a solution, but at the very minimum an occasional power wash with sodium percarbonate will preserve the beauty of a deck through the years.  Sodium percarbonate may sound toxic, but it is akin to a typical oxygenated household cleaner and is safe for wood decking and its surrounding surfaces.
  • Interiors: Dicey as it may sound, a professional pressure washer service company can efficiently and safely clean the floors and even some walls of certain interior rooms such as garages, warehouses, and sub-level spaces.

Do you know what the benefits of professional Landscape Design?

Finding a pressure washer service company in Santa Barbara

With a full understanding of the benefits and precautions, it’s probable that exterior pressure cleaning can be done on a budget to avoid costly repairs and cleanup down the road.  A pressure washer service can provide pricing upon evaluation of the home and property and the surfaces to be cleaned. One such company is SB Evolution here in Santa Barbara.  Contact us to learn more about how the company’s pressure washer service prices and what they can do for a home or business.

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