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Soil types in Santa Barbara

Soil types in Santa Barbara While the average gardener might direct their efforts toward selecting plants that will look best in their garden and complement the architecture of their home, it is often a myriad of other factors that determine a plant’s true success.  From sun exposure to maintenance concerns, the landscape designer must weigh [...]

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Your January gardening to do list

Your January gardening to do list Ringing in the new year brings about thoughts on how to improve our lives, from diet and exercise to cleaning and organizing.  Residents of the Santa Barbara region often look beyond the limits of themselves and their homes and out into their gardens, seeing room for improvement.  And, just [...]

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Brush clearing in Santa Barbara

Brush clearing in Santa Barbara Considered a necessary evil by many, clearing brush is a service that is not only a crucial part of general upkeep, it can also be a life and property saving measure.  Anyone in the Santa Barbara region understands the importance of maintaining a defensible zone around buildings in preventing damage [...]

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Mulch Materials – Your Garden Canvas

Mulch Materials – Your Garden Canvas Gardening Expert in Santa Barbara-SB Evolution Landscape There is no doubt that plants take center stage when it comes to garden design.  Selecting just the right colors, choosing materials that complement or contrast each other, and adding interesting focal points throughout the garden are key design considerations [...]

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The Spanish Colonial Revivalist garden

The Spanish Colonial Revivalist garden Early colonization of California’s coast by the Europeans was led primarily by the Spanish who named the land “Alta California.”  The early influence of these settlers remains apparent in the architecture of Southern California today.  Deemed the Spanish Colonial Revivalist style, homes new and old here boast its most iconic [...]

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Garden Plants Spotlight: Mexican Bush Sage

Dramatic in scale and distinct in form, the broad leaves of palms and thick spiny spikes of succulents that typify the Santa Barbara landscape are the ever-present staples that lend the region an identity and its prototypical design language. At the human scale, homeowners look to smaller materials such as sub shrubs and perennials to [...]

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The Case for Drip Irrigation For Garden Maintenance

Drought conditions have left homeowners wanting a way to properly irrigate their prized gardens without consuming more water than permitted when restrictions are in place. Drip irrigation could be the answer. Most effective for garden areas, this type of system is simply perforated tubing laid upon the surface of the planting area, emitting water directly [...]

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Landscape Improvements During Times of Drought

Why water restrictions don’t have to be so restrictive to your vision. Spring and summer in Santa Barbara can be a beautiful time for the home landscape, so restrictions on watering may be heartbreaking and frustrating to the proud homeowner.  However, with smart planning and a landscaping company that understands your vision, you likely can [...]

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Landscaping and Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Keeping up with your lawn can be challenging, especially as the seasons change. While maintenance requirements may lighten during the cooler months, there is still plenty to do year round to keep your yard looking its best. Therefore, it is crucial that homeowners understand their property’s landscaping needs, from watering to mowing. Here are just [...]

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