Here you can find the answers to your most frequently asked questions about gardening answered by the best Landscapers in Santa Barbara.

1. I have a small property. Is it really worth it to hire someone to maintain my landscape?

Small spaces can still benefit from the expertise of a professional. From fertilizing to pruning, our knowledge of plant care and maintenance can ensure that your plants make a big impact in your small garden. Even a tiny lawn, too, needs watering and mowing and as such its care can be daunting to any homeowner. You can trust that SB Evolution Landscape makes properties of every size their top priority.

2. My home is in need of a complete landscape overhaul and I don’t even know where to begin. What do I do?

Likely you have some idea of what you are looking for, but even if you don’t, we can help draw out your vision through a consultation in which we explore your tastes, favorite colors, and home’s architectural style. We take this information and develop a design that works for you. This design then becomes the blueprint for the installation of your new landscape that, when completed, is your home’s outdoor oasis, beautiful and suited to your needs.

3. I need help maintaining my landscape, but I am on a tight budget. Can I schedule less frequent visits to keep it affordable?

We know people have differing needs and that can affect how much they wish to use our services. Our popular bi-weekly program is usually the happy medium between affordability and great care for your landscape. Call us for a free quote; we will evaluate your needs and develop a tailored program of services that will fit your budget while keeping your home’s exterior looking neat and beautiful year round.

4. How would SB Evolution be able to help keep me in compliance with local drought restrictions?

Our crews live and work in Santa Barbara, and as such we are always up to date on current drought conditions and mandates on watering restrictions. We schedule our clients accordingly, and set irrigation systems to run only on “watering days,” and times allotted by the city of SB, never using more water than permitted. Taking all that a step further, we can help you create a drought-tolerant landscape, selecting plants that are amenable to dry conditions and choosing non-living materials—like boulders and decorative aggregates—that make for a beautiful landscape without heavy water demand.

5. I live alone and security is a concern of mine. How will I know when the crew is on my property?

We understand your need to feel safe and want you to feel comfortable when crews are servicing your home. That is why SB Evolution Landscape maintains strict working hours, posted on the Contact page of our website, and crews are always uniformed, recognizable by our company’s colors and logo. We can also let you know what day of the week we plan to come to your property, so you know when to expect us.

6. Is SB Evolution bonded and insured?

Yes. Protecting our clients’ interests is of utmost importance to us. We carry $1,000,000 liability insurance and a $10,000 surety bond. Feel free to contact us for other important information including references.

7. What is the process for initiating a landscape maintenance service?

Contact or email us for an appointment. Jorge Cortez will come out and personally meet with you to assess your landscape care needs and provide you with a free quote. There is no consultation fee for meeting in person.

8. Can I choose the “Day of Service and/or Time of Service” for my landscape maintenance service?

SB Evolution will make every effort to accommodate a client’s request for a day and time of service, basing availability.

9. What is the process for landscape installation?

Contact or email us for an appointment. Jorge Cortez will come out and personally meet with you at no cost. A lot of our clients are people who already have a fairly good idea of how they would like to transform their home’s outer landscape area and/or with what kind of material selection. Many of them use websites such as Pinterest or Houzz and home magazines to gather ideas for the look they wish us to create. We will cater to their ideas with a simple plan that works and meets with their budgets and needs. Or, if their project is more complex, SB Evolution is more than happy to work with a customized plan designed by an architect firm of the client’s choice.

10. When can you start the installation of my project?

After the client’s approves of the proposal quote and SB Evolution is in receipt of the client’s deposit, smaller projects can start within 1-3 weeks. Larger projects requiring hardscape and softscaping with plants could require 2-6 weeks lead time or longer. Please inquire as these lead times can change depending upon how busy we are and the time of year.

11. Who does your work?

Most work is done by our crew. It is IMPORTANT to note that SB Evolution does not pick up workers at the WALL, or parking lots of big hardware stores in order to cut down labor cost.

12. Do you have references?

Yes and we will be happy to supply you with a list at your asking.

13. Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. Visit our Better Business Bureau page.


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SB Evolution Landscape
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4.9 out of 5 stars

David Grace
David Grace

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

The service and care provided by SB Evolution Landscape has been exceptional. The skilled and knowledgeable staff did a general cleanup at our recently purchased home and installed a new irrigation system. They took time to insure that the jobs were done properly and that all cuttings and debris were removed from the property. Communication was excellent before, during, and at the completion of the work. All members of the team were invariably pleasant and upbeat. It was a pleasure to work with Jorge and all the folks on the team.

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