Container Gardening: Keys to using potted plants successfully

Moveable and attractive, potted plants of all sizes are a versatile addition to any outdoor living space.

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While choosing a beautiful planter to complement your home’s exterior can be half the fun, selecting plants to put in them is serious business. The nature of container gardening involves special growing conditions that require the right plants that can handle them. Consider some of these ideal options planters in the Southern California climate:
Coleus – Leafyand lush, this annual offers a wide variety of color selections that can complement and fill out any potted arrangement.

Deer grass – Add drama to your space with this eye-popping native grass. Best of all, it’s drought tolerant.

Mountain penstemon – Create a focal point in your landscape with the vibrant purple hues of penstemon. The foliage of this native perennial holds interest even when it’s not in bloom.

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Best plant selections for your drought tolerant landscape

Succulents–Easy to grow in tough conditions, succulents such as sedum and cacti are perfect for potted arrangements. Their texture and color offer endless possibilities for an artistic arrangement with other plants.

Installation of Greek Pots | Landscapers Santa Barbara

Installation of Greek pots In Santa Barbara-sbevolutionlandscape

Knowing how to assemble potted plants is critical to their success. Familiarize yourself with the plants you plants you’re using, making note of their mature size. Be sure that the container is large enough to accommodate all the plants it will be housing. Place the plants in favorable conditions relative to what they prefer in standard growing conditions, understanding that the soil in a pot can get warm or dry out faster than in the ground. Take care to water the potted plants frequently, and select a planter that allows proper drainage.

A local gardener landscaper Santa Barbara,Ca

Can not only help you select the right plants, he or she has an eye for their placement in your garden to best enhance your outdoor space. Consider enlisting the help of a local landscape installer to create your beautiful garden containers.

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