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Landscape Maintenance

What is a landscape maintenance program?

The natural environment is ever changing, always growing and regularly impacted by weather and climactic conditions. Regular maintenance under the eyes and care of a professional will keep your landscape looking trim and neat no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Programs can vary based on how much the homeowner is willing to take on, or the nature of the plants and style of the design. Basic mowing and cleanup can be supplemented by more advanced care such as weeding, fertilization, and pruning, and the frequency can be as little as biweekly visits to as often as every week.

Key Benefits

The most important reason to consider regular professional care for your landscape is the tendency for landscape problems to get out of control, and quickly. Your busy schedule may mean you need to put off weeding or pruning for just one more weekend. But when the weeds take over your beds and deplete them of nutrients, other plants may suffer. And shrubs and trees left unattended can become overgrown or leggy or fail to produce blooms as readily.

Letting a landscape maintenance professional take care of all these routine tasks while keeping a eye out for potential problems leaves you with a pleasing outdoor environment that you can enjoy… when you finally do relax.

Landscape Contractor

Why Choose Us?

SB Evolution knows what it takes to keep your Santa Barbara home’s landscape in top-top shape. Our seasoned staff is not only expert at lawn and plant care, we are personable and approachable as well. We will work with you to set a maintenance schedule that works for your budget and your required level of care.

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