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Weed Killer Treatments

About Herbicide Treatments

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of gardening and landscape upkeep is combatting weeds. It may seem that no sooner do we pull up every last one that new undesired plants emerge. While it may seem that these weeds are merely taunting us or trying to drive us crazy, there are of course botanical explanations for their persistence. So, while our efforts are sincere, our approach might not be effective enough. A landscape professional with knowledge of noxious weeds and how they spread in our local gardens can provide the best treatments for keeping them at bay. Herbicides, chemical substances that eliminate unwanted plants, are generally the most direct and effective means of eradicating weeds.

Key Benefits

The offering of herbicides on the market is vast and therefore can be overwhelming to the novice gardener. While pulling by hand offers the least amount of risk—and is rather satisfying—roots and rhizomes can be left behind, almost guaranteeing that the weeds appear again. Selective herbicides, on the other hand, are formulated to control particular species with material that is toxic to certain plants.

Many homeowners, of course, have understandable unease about using chemical means for treating weeds. Concerns for children and pets or the potential for health issues in general bring about a reluctance to fight invasives with typical weed killer treatments. Organic herbicides are the answer and, when applied correctly, can be just as effective.

Landscape Contractor

Why Choose Us?

SB Evolution Landscape understands our clients just as well as we know weeds. We offer a wide range of options for eradicating noxious plants from the garden and might even suggest a combination of methods, depending on your needs and preferences. When a selective or non-selective herbicide is recommended, we might elect to supplement the treatments with a different method such as hand weeding closer to other desired landscape plants in the garden. Likewise, if the outdoor space is an active one, an organic herbicide might be preferred in the interest of health and safety. We can help devise the right herbicide and weed treatment program for your garden.

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