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Fire Prevention

About Fire Prevention

Living in a warm, sunny climate like Santa Barbara has an obvious appeal to us all. But, with comfortable temperatures and infrequent rainy days comes a serious reality that can’t be ignored. Drought conditions leave landscapes dry, turning once lush grasses and shrubs into veritable kindling that can help fire spread, well, like wildfire. Tongue in cheek aside, controlling dried weeds, tall grass, and scrub is critical in redirecting the spread of fire and ensuring the safety and protection of buildings in its path.

Key Benefits

Understanding the risk for wildfire and how to protect your investment is crucial for owners in this region. Therefore, a Santa Barbara landscape contractor is an ideal partner in developing a strategy for keeping wildfires away from your home or ranch. Employing the same tools used to keep your garden and lawn looking beautiful, a landscape crew can quickly and effectively reduce and eliminate the dry plant material that might otherwise allow fire to get too close to your building.

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Why Choose Us?

Through working with local municipalities’ fire departments to perform targeted clearing of brush and scrub, we have learned quite a bit about their approach to fire prevention and safety. We combine their standards for clearance offsets and building envelopes with our knowledge of plants—specifically which are most likely to spread fire—to create guidelines that inform how we approach fire safety for our private clients. Upon investigating your property, we can develop a program for fire prevention that ensures the safety and protection of your home or business.

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