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Understanding bougainvillea pruning

Understanding bougainvillea pruning Lush and colorful, bougainvillea is a must for every Southern California landscape.  The plant is as versatile as it is beautiful and knowing the best pruning and trimming methods can be helpful in ensuring its stunning presence in the landscape for years to come. The plant holds its bold color on bracts, [...]

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Creating a Sustainable Landscape

The design of a sustainable home should be inclusive of the outdoor space; sustainable landscaping is a particular approach to designing and constructing the outdoor area of the home to improve the existing natural landscape. The landscape should be either low or self-maintaining and be able to weather the natural cycles of weather and climate [...]

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How to Edge a Garden Bed With Brick Youtube video Transcription

Hi im Mark Powers   Order the Bricks   Welcome to this old house installing border made of bricks is easy low-cost way to dress up of garden beds and separated from the lawn you want to use clay pavers sometimes called severe weather bricks for the stand up to the cold and frost check [...]

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Ten Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know

Tip #1 Beneficial Bacteria Did you know that seaweed and fish emulsion or fish fertilizer has a lot of Beneficial Bacteria, just add some fish fertilizer and seaweed just couple of tablespoon is enough to a watering can and then use it on any pot that prepare any container, some supporting mix. It adds a [...]

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Container Gardening: Keys to using potted plants successfully

Moveable and attractive, potted plants of all sizes are a versatile addition to any outdoor living space. Dwarf size citrus trees Planting at Kimpton Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara-sbevolutionlandscape While choosing a beautiful planter to complement your home’s exterior can be half the fun, selecting plants to put in them is serious [...]

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Weed Control: Gaining insight into your garden’s nemesis

There’s no doubt that the presence of weeds in any garden is unsightly, detracting from the neatness of the beds and the beauty and interest of the adaptive and native material—that is, the plants intended to grow there.  But not only are weeds unattractive, they can be invasive, too; after all, they found a way [...]

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Dwarf size citrus trees Gardening at Kimpton Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara.

This is sbevolutionlandscape company new Gardening project at Kimpton Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara.   Installation of Greek pots In Santa Barbara-sbevolutionlandscape   Dwarf size citrus trees Planting In Santa Barbara-sbevolutionlandscape Dwarf size citrus trees Planting In Santa Barbara-sbevolutionlandscape   Dwarf size citrus trees Planting at Kimpton Canary Hotel [...]

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Developing Hardscape In The Residential Garden

Patios and Pathways: Developing Hardscape In The Residential Garden  Whether creating a simple pathway or a lush outdoor living space, having a good “ground game” is important in ensuring your hardscape project is a success. Your Santa Barbara hardscape contractor can help you choose the right materials, design a layout that is appropriate for the [...]

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The Best Plant Selections For Your Drought Tolerant Landscape

Watering restrictions and on-going drought conditions are reason enough to seek out plants that can live and thrive happily without frequent irrigation. While we may find ourselves attached to certain plants, whether for their aesthetic or sentimental value, there is almost always a drought tolerant alternative that can bring back vibrancy and interest in our [...]

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