The “green” lawn: Sustainable turf

The “green” lawn: Sustainable turf Where lush green lawns are an icon of Americana and a necessity for active families with kids and pets, maintaining them sustainably is a new consideration as awareness for environmentally friendly practices has grown. Primary concerns over lawn maintenance involve water usage, pollution, accelerated storm water runoff, [...]

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Pruning and shearing: Understanding the difference

Pruning and shearing: Understanding the difference To the layperson, “pruning” can be regarded as a generic term for cutting back trees and shrubs, often interchangeable with “shearing” or “trimming.” But when the time comes to change the shape or size of overgrown trees and shrubs, it’s critical to understand the differences. For [...]

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Zeroing in on the right tree for your landscape

Zeroing in on the right tree for your landscape The most thorough way to select a tree, or almost any plant for that matter, is to start with the widest range of options available and, through the process of elimination, narrow down the field until just a few “best fit” choices remain. [...]

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Making a boulder statement – stone products for awe-inspiring landscapes

Making a boulder statement – stone products for awe-inspiring landscapes Hardscaping Contractor-sbevolutionlandscape Ever changing by the seasons, gardens are a living and evolving scene.  One element in the landscape, however, offers a feeling of permanence without detracting from the natural setting.  Boulders and stone material can lend drama or complement the softness of [...]

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Soil types in Santa Barbara

Soil types in Santa Barbara While the average gardener might direct their efforts toward selecting plants that will look best in their garden and complement the architecture of their home, it is often a myriad of other factors that determine a plant’s true success.  From sun exposure to maintenance concerns, the landscape designer must weigh [...]

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Landscaping for wildfire prevention

Landscaping for wildfire prevention Brush Clearing in Santa Barbara Drought conditions in the Santa Barbara region make wildfire prevention a true concern for property owners, especially for communities at the base of the Santa Ynez Mountains that experience frequent sundowners—high temperature surges created by the release of superheated air.  Here buildings and the [...]

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Working with a landscape contractor

Working with a landscape contractor Hiring professionals for help with maintenance and repairs is a natural part of homeownership, particularly for tasks that are beyond our abilities and skill set.  Plumbers can fix leaks and electricians repair outlets.  But so often landscaping and gardening are overlooked with the assumption that almost anyone can pull weeds [...]

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Walls In The Landscape

Enhancing architecture and building character When envisioning and developing a property’s master plan, we tend to think of landscape walls only when we want to provide security, retain earth, or enclose a space. However, necessity aside, walls themselves are a design element in the landscape—a veritable extension of your home’s architecture and an expression of [...]

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My Landscape Looks Great! Now What?

How to make the most of your landscape service in between visits. Choosing a landscape contractor in Santa Barbara like SB Evolution landscape company to maintain your landscape means you care about how your property looks.  We do too.  That is why we want to help you make the most of your service in between [...]

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