Our monthly FREE offer:

This month, we are offering you a Free service if you refer us to (5) homeowners in Santa Barbara that would be interested in our services. To qualify for the offer you will need to provide their first and last names, email addresses and their phone numbers. In return, we will provide either a FREE downspout inspection and gutter cleaning or a FREE application of fertilizer. Each option has a value of up to $395.00 for FREE.

If you choose the downspout inspection and gutter cleaning, there is a maximum of 6 man-hours. Organic debris will be disposed in your green waste containers or anywhere on your property. There will be an extra cost if you would like us to haul away the debris to the county dump.

Fertilizer will be (1) 50 lbs. bag of Triple 4 organic (smelly for up to 10 days)/non-organic (non-smelly) all-purpose fertilizer for your lawn, plants and trees.

This offer is valid for 15 days, so reply now.

Every month we will have (2) FREE irresistible offers, so make sure you check your email and enjoy the amazing services we offer in the Santa Barbara community.