How to keep your garden watered when you are away

It is the haunt of every holidaymaker: coming back from holidays and finding your plants or garden completely dehydrated or even dying. You can expect the worst if you go on holiday without thinking of adequate solutions to take care of your plants and garden. Solutions exist to avoid disasters.

August is sunny and very dry in southern California, with an average high of 84 degrees. It goes without saying that going on holiday in the middle of August without thinking about solutions to water your garden and plants is a serious mistake. It is not always possible to ask your neighbor or a family member to take care of your garden while you are away. Here are some other solutions to go on holiday with peace of mind:

1. Prepare your departure

It is important to leave a garden in good condition in order to limit as much as possible the tasks when you come back from the holidays. Getting rid of weeds and trimming hedges is a must.

2. Protect your plants from heat

The Santa Barbara drought can be a disaster for your plants and your garden in general. Without a minimum of precautions, you could have really bad surprises when you come back from your holidays. If you have plants that can be moved, move them to the shade and if they can’t be moved, shade netting or fleece can help you protect them as much as possible.

3. Your indoor plants need be kept hydrated

Every year, during the summer, many people on social networks show photos of their DIY projects to keep their plants hydrated. It’s funny, sometimes very inventive and above all, it shows that nobody wants to find their plants dying when they come back from their holidays.

So, what’s the best DIY solution? With a plastic bottle, a couple of plastic trays, and a rubber tube you can create an effective system. This video on youtube show in detail how to do it.

4. What about your outdoor plants? 

Here a sprinkler system is essential. You can put it on a timer before you leave. This seems to be the perfect solution when you are away and is a more cost-effective solution than a drip irrigation system. Then there’s always the cheap solution of using a bottle, cutting off the bottom to water the roots. But the result will be less effective and in times of drought, it will probably be insufficient.

5. Look after your drought-resistant plants before you go

Fortunately, there are plants that are very resistant to the California drought and do not need a lot of water. Remember to water them before you leave is enough. This is the case for Pelargoniums for example.

With these few tips, you can avoid disaster and leave with peace of mind. Now, make the most of your holidays