//Making a boulder statement – stone products for awe-inspiring landscapes

Making a boulder statement – stone products for awe-inspiring landscapes

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Hardscaping Contractor-sbevolutionlandscape

Ever changing by the seasons, gardens are a living and evolving scene.  One element in the landscape, however, offers a feeling of permanence without detracting from the natural setting.  Boulders and stone material can lend drama or complement the softness of surrounding plants, and will add value and efficiency to a property.  They are nature’s sculptures and the ultimate in drought-tolerant landscaping.  Choosing the right one can make all the difference in completing the gardener’s vision.  Some common types to consider:

  • Santa Barbara sandstone – Created by sand deposits over time along the coast, Santa Barbara sandstone scores high points in the use of native and locally sourced landscape materials. Its lightly marbled gold color is iconic of Southern California and as such serves as a suitable building material or simply as a complement to the region’s architecture.  Often used in the landscape for rock outcroppings and dry riverbeds, the stone is easily cut or split and therefore offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Volcanic (lava) rock – Light in weight but bold in color, this material is a quick and easy way to bring an impressive focal point into the garden. As its name would suggest, the rock is formed by cooling molten lava that released air, thus creating its rough texture and irregular shapes.  This unique stone especially can be used to stand out against a bed of smaller, washed river stones in a lighter shade.
  • Granite – Receding glaciers long ago left a remarkable parting gift. Smooth and marbled with muted shades, granite boulders offer endless possibilities and utility in the landscape.  From rustic retaining walls to gorgeous accents, these neutral beauties can complement the intricacies of almost any planting scheme.

Of course moving boulders can be time consuming and costly.  Consult with a landscape design expert to determine the best type and ideal location for boulders in garden beds.  A contractor will likewise have the equipment and know-how to safely deliver and place large stones where they need to go.

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I grew up right here in Santa Barbara, graduating from Dos Pueblos High School in 2007. I went on to join the United States Marine Corps and, after completing a tour in Afghanistan and receiving an honorable discharge, I continued my education at Santa Barbara City College. With 15 years of experience in landscape maintenance, I combined my passion for the land with my business acumen and founded SB Evolution Landscape.

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