//Planting Annual Flower Seeds to brighten gardens

Planting Annual Flower Seeds to brighten gardens

There is no denying that the warm, consistent climate of California’s southern coast is a showcase of lush, gorgeous plants year round. But even here the region experiences seasons and so property owners ought to take advantage. Brighter and showier than many of its permanent counterparts, annual flowers are an easy way to achieve maximum impact in the summer garden.
Spring is the ideal time to begin planting annuals and annual seeds for a truly awesome display of color come summertime. Easy to grow and delightfully temporary, annual flowers can be planted wherever extra color is needed: in pots and planters, tucked along the edge of a patio, or even in open spots in the garden. And, because of Santa Barbara’s typically warm temperatures, seeds can be “direct sown” outdoors in the soil where they will grow. Small containers or flats with annuals may be purchased and planted right in the garden as well.
Check the exposure and moisture conditions of proposed planting areas before selecting annuals to plant. Potted annuals have the obvious advantage of being able to be moved should the plant seem to need more or less sun, but for annuals going in the ground, the selection should respond to the area’s microclimate. Marigolds, for example, prefer sun and well-drained soils, while coleus might be more appropriate in a shady spot with adequate water.
Other choices for annuals in Santa Barbara might include a mix of delicate petunias offset by the bold texture of zinnia. Cosmos can tolerate a variety of conditions and will grow above lower, spreading selections such as lobelia. Though there is little to fear when dealing with one-season blooming annuals, a landscape contractor can help choose the right plants for next summer’s garden.

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