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When envisioning and developing a property’s master plan, we tend to think of landscape walls only when we want to provide security, retain earth, or enclose a space. However, necessity aside, walls themselves are a design element in the landscape—a veritable extension of your home’s architecture and an expression of the character of your property.

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Landscape walls installation by SBevolutionlandscape

Landscape walls

Better, think of landscape walls as a feature that unifies house and property; they are a physical connector that almost literally ties everything together. Not only can walls bring the look of the home into the exterior spaces, they can serve as a complement to the landscape, setting the tone for the property’s style and architecture as one approaches from the street.

Landscape Walls by SBevolution Landscapers Santa Barbara

Landscape walls by SBevolutionlandscape

It is therefore critical to handle their design just as carefully as one might the home and its gardens.

Design rules in the built world are pretty universal, but walls have their own special considerations as well.First, understand what is permissible by HOA requirements, local zoning ordinances, and the municipality’s architectural standards. How high can the wall be, and how close to the property line can it be built? What materials are allowed; does it need to match the house?

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Once these standards have been evaluated, your Santa Barbara masonry expert can help you choose the right materials to develop a style that best expresses your vision. For example, brick in red or brown shades can lend a traditional look. The laying pattern, too, is a critical part of the design. A running bond is classic, while a stacked pattern creates clean lines and a touch of modernity. At the other end of the spectrum, stone lends a more rustic feel, appropriate for cottage-style homes and gardens.

When deciding to add or include a wall on your property, your must find an experienced contractor who can build the wall properly. While he or she should certainly be well versed in their structural makeup, the contractor must also possess an attention to detail that will ensure a clean and beautiful finished look.

Or contact us if your looking for an experienced contractor who can build the wall properly.

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