Weed Control: Gaining insight into your garden’s nemesis

There’s no doubt that the presence of weeds in any garden is unsightly, detracting from the neatness of the beds and the beauty and interest of the adaptive and native material—that is, the plants intended to grow there.  But not only are weeds unattractive, they can be invasive, too; after all, they found a way into your beds without your planting them.  And once they’re there, they rob neighboring plants of valuable nutrients and water.  Controlling weeds is therefore essential to the health of your garden.

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Before determining a plan for their removal, it’s important to know which plants actually are weeds—particularly if you recently purchased the home—and what kind of weeds they are.  Being able to identify them can mean knowing how to eradicate them as well.  By researching each you will gain a greater understanding of how they grow and what makes them thrive.  Do they spread via rhizomes or seed?  What conditions do they seem to favor?

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This knowledge will further inform how you approach their removal.  Some weeds need to be physically removed, roots and all, to ensure that they don’t reappear.  Others can be eliminated with careful application of herbicides, often designed specifically for certain types of weeds.  Be sure to apply chemicals carefully, taking measures to protect nearby plants that could likewise be harmed by contact with the weed killer.  Take care, also, to make sure you do not adversely alter the chemical makeup of the soil through intense albeit well-intended herbicide applications.

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Know also when it’s time to call in an expert.  If your garden seems overrun by noxious weeds or you simply cannot discern which plants to keep and which to remove, consider contacting a local Garden landscaper Santa Barbara,Ca who determine the best course of action for your Santa Barbara garden.

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