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Landscaping and Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Keeping up with your lawn can be challenging, especially as the seasons change. While maintenance requirements may lighten during the cooler months, there is still plenty to do year-round to keep your yard looking its best.  Therefore, it is crucial that homeowners understand their property’s landscaping needs, from watering to mowing. Here are just a few tips to help you maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the seasons:

Tip #1. Fertilize at least three times per year

Your lawn requires regular fertilization at least three times a year to ensure vigorous growth that can combat weeds. Consult with your lawn care specialist or local hardware store to determine the right type of fertilizer for your lawn, as well as the best way to use it.

Tip #2. Water the right way

Watering isn’t as straightforward as one may believe. It is easy to overwater your lawn if you don’t understand what’s ailing it, or it can quickly dry it out if you fail to maintain a watering schedule. A good rule to follow is to water your lawn three to five times a week during the hot and dry seasons and then water according to rainfall during the winter months. Pay attention to zones, as well.  Be sure to water each area for no more than twelve minutes if you have a rotating water system, and less time with manual watering.

Tip #3. Consider Edging to Improve Landscaping

Edging is the only way to maintain an effective separation between your bed areas and your turf. A gas-powered edger is best, but a weed eater held vertically can help achieve the same effect.

Keep these maintenance tips in mind for a better-looking lawn all year long.

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