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Environmentally sustainable landscaping with California natives

Times of drought bring about a growing concern for the environment, leading us to seek opportunities to be more responsible in the ways we live and maintain our homes. Our gardens are no exception. While anything growing outside may appear “natural,” there is increasing awareness that even the plants we select can have an impact [...]

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Walls In The Landscape

Enhancing architecture and building character When envisioning and developing a property’s master plan, we tend to think of landscape walls only when we want to provide security, retain earth, or enclose a space. However, necessity aside, walls themselves are a design element in the landscape—a veritable extension of your home’s architecture and an expression of [...]

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Contrast Is Key: The Easy Trick To Stunning Landscape Design

Plant selection is everything in landscape design. It’s well known that choosing the right materials for the site’s conditions and microclimate are essential to a successful garden. And developing a palette of plants with offset bloom times and adequate evergreen material can ensure interest that lasts year-round. But when it comes to developing a layout, [...]

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Garden Plants Spotlight: Mexican Bush Sage

Dramatic in scale and distinct in form, the broad leaves of palms and thick spiny spikes of succulents that typify the Santa Barbara landscape are the ever-present staples that lend the region an identity and its prototypical design language. At the human scale, homeowners look to smaller materials such as sub shrubs and perennials to [...]

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