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Environmentally sustainable landscaping with California natives

Times of drought bring about a growing concern for the environment, leading us to seek opportunities to be more responsible in the ways we live and maintain our homes. Our gardens are no exception. While anything growing outside may appear “natural,” there is increasing awareness that even the plants we select can have an impact [...]

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Finding a Commercial Landscape Company in Santa Barbara

Finding a commercial landscape company in Santa Barbara doesn’t have to be hard. Searching the Internet or the Yellow Pages can be a real hassle. Finding a landscape professional that has expert levels of knowledge as well as years of experience and who understands that there is great potential in all of the region’s adaptive [...]

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Landscaping and Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Keeping up with your lawn can be challenging, especially as the seasons change. While maintenance requirements may lighten during the cooler months, there is still plenty to do year round to keep your yard looking its best. Therefore, it is crucial that homeowners understand their property’s landscaping needs, from watering to mowing. Here are just [...]

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