Plant Selections For Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Watering restrictions and on-going drought conditions are reason enough to seek out plants that can live and thrive happily without frequent irrigation.While we may find ourselves attached to certain plants, whether for their aesthetic or sentimental value, there is almost always a drought tolerant alternative that can bring back vibrancy and interest in our gardens without the hefty water bill.

Plant for Drought Tolerant Landscape | Gardeners Santa Barbara

Best plant selections for your drought tolerant landscape

For a perennial, try lewisia cotyledon, an evergreen succulent that comes in an array of colors and cultivars. Simple to grow, this plant can tolerate full sun.

Lewisia Cotyledon | Landscapers Santa Barbara

Plant Selections For Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Soften and fill your beds with an ornamental grass, such as deer grass (Muhlenbergiarigens). Hardy to the coastal areas, this grass provides color and interest in the landscape.

Deer Grass | Landscapers Santa Barbara

Deer grass

Shrubs can bring height, mass, and interest to the garden. White flowering currant (Ribes indecorum) is one such example. Extremely drought tolerant, this flowering shrub can get to six feet tall.

Ribes indecorum Plants | Gardeners Santa Barbara

Ribes indecorum

If you’re looking to provide shade, consider adding a tree. Chitalpa Pink Dawn is bred from a desert tree and flowers from late spring to fall.

Chitalpa Tree | Landscapers Santa Barbara

These examples are just a sampling of the offerings of drought-tolerant material that can have your garden looking beautiful no matter how dry the conditions.

Be sure to consult a Santa Barbara landscape contractor who can guide you in selecting the best plants for your conditions.

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