Working with a landscape contractor

Working with a landscape contractor

Working with a landscape contractor

Hiring professionals for help with maintenance and repairs is a natural part of homeownership, particularly for tasks that are beyond our abilities and skill set.  Plumbers can fix leaks and electricians repair outlets.  But so often landscaping and gardening are overlooked with the assumption that almost anyone can pull weeds or push a lawnmower.

The truth is, a landscape contractor can be your partner in remedying the things that are problematic in the garden—think overgrown plants or persistent weeds—or help you achieve your vision for your home’s property.  Knowing how to work with a contractor begins with understanding what one can do, and how one can be a benefit to you.

The first step, upon finding a local contractor, is to identify your issues and concerns regarding your landscape.  Is your lawn ailing, thus detracting from the rest of the garden?  Do you wonder if your irrigation system is working properly?  Or is the garden in need of a new look?  If maintenance is your concern, have your landscape professional perform an inspection to assess problem areas to target.

For a redesign, gather ideas and imagery to communicate the style and level of complexity you are after.  A simple internet search can turn up hundreds of photos to thumb through, allowing you to select the best ones to share with your contractor.  Of course any discussion about design generally turns to thoughts of budget and price range.  Be sure to communicate this, even if you are looking for simple maintenance or repairs.

Finally, discuss with your contractor your concerns about security on your property.  Find out during which hours they plan to be present and if you prefer to be home while work is done on your property, arrange for them to be there at a certain time.

Working with a landscape contractor can be simple and affordable if you approach it with your goals in mind.

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